Eftalia Ocean

Eftalia Ocean Resort and Spa has lots to offer both families and couples. The hotel runs its own kids' club, which is a great place for younger guests to make new friends and join in with activities. Meanwhile, you can fit in a workout at the adult-only gym, or retreat to the spa for a soothing treatment. The two outdoor pools have sections reserved for the little guests, while if you prefer not to be in the strong sun, there’s also an indoor pool.

You'll also have free access to Eftalia Island, reached across a bridge, which hosts a variety of sports and games for all ages – everything from aqua aerobics to volleyball. Children will love the water park with its pirate boat, boomerang water slide and twister.

There are plenty of dining options at Eftalia Ocean, meaning there's something to suit almost every mood. You’ll have two buffet options, alternatively if grilled or Italian cuisine is your thing, book a table at one of the a la carte restaurants. There are more places to eat over at Eftalia Island, each serving up their own specialities.

All rooms come with Wi-Fi and air conditioning included as standard. Plus, they each have a furnished balcony, ideal for a quiet evening drink. Even better, why not upgrade to a swim-up room?

Eftalia Ocean is in a quiet location on the edge of the resort, making it ideal for a relaxing retreat, away from the busier resort centre. It's also just steps from the beach, so days on the sand and sea are one of the best ways to spend your time here and popular with families. The secluded location is around a 25-minute drive from Alanya; don’t miss out on the chance to visit the 10th century Church of Saint Constantine or Atatürk's House and Museum, where you can see inside an Ottoman villa.

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Antalya, Antalya, Turkey

Address: 07407, Turkler Kasabasi Merkez Mah Akdeniz Bulvari, 4, Alanya, Turkey

Phone: +902424446607


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Fantastic Holiday!

Jan 2022 | lilymaih2020

beautiful hotel, with lots of things to keep children of all ages entertained. Food was decent, with something for everyone to eat as a buffet style. Great entertainment schedule & friendly staff. Great holiday

The worst holiday ever

Jan 2022 | madalinaandreead2022

We stayed at your hotel from 4th to 11th of July 2021, 2 adults and 2 kids (11 years and 1 year old) in a standard room, and we would like to report several serious issues, most of them remained unsolved till we left, as well as a negative feedback. On 6th of July Close to the entrance of the main restaurant where the door is open and the door space is splitted for entrance and exit, we were about to exit on the exit side, when a boy that was cleaning the food tables in the restaurant with a rollbox, made a very unpolite gesture with his hand to my wife because she was with a baby stroller on the same space where he was as she must necessarily go in another way because he is not moving his rollbox from there to let her pass through and we must go on the entrance side. The same guy made me the same problem the next day, but I insisted and did not accepted this from him, so he made space for me to pass, but he usually had a bad attitude. No badge, so I cannot tell you more about him. - On the island, in the evening, at the electrical vehicles rental store for kids, the staff served a turkish woman with a car for her kid even if we were in line in front of her, and the guy told us after, that we have to wait more than 15 minutes to get a car for our kid. On 7th of July We left our room at 8AM, and put the "Please clean our room" sign on the door. When we came back in the room, around 5-6 PM, the sign was turned on the other way (do not disturb), and no cleaning service provided. We went to the reception, and told the staff about the problem. The man assured us that he will solve the problem immediately. We went to the Bazar, and came back at around 11PM, we only found some towels thrown on the table (only the big ones, but the used ones were not taken), and nothing else. Cleaning was a must for us because of the smaller kid; tip was also left on the bed before leaving, as we usually do, but this time it was not taken. We went to the reception again and told the problem; again the man assured us that he will solve it immediately. Nobody came, and after another 30 minutes we called at the reception from our room to announce (very inconvenient already because it was bed time for the kids 12:15 AM). In the end, a man from the cleaning service came to our room, speaking very irritated and disturbing us (and the kids) by the tone of his voice, spoke only in Turkish, and he only put the drinks in the mini bar and took the garbage but only from the room, even if we showed him with signs to take the other from bathroom. We asked him to take the used towels, but he didn't want to, so we put the towels in his hands. He was really upset and throw one towel on the floor. We asked him to take it, but he left immediately very nervous. The reception man told us that we can come back in the morning if we want to make a complain and showed us where. On 8th of July We were at the reception and they told us to go at the guest relation office in order to make our complaint. We stayed in line for about 20 minutes at the guest relation office on the lateral side of the reception, where we were told to, with the small kid in our arms, and after our turn came, the person inside told us that, at this time he can only take us the order for the a la carte restaurant. However, after we explained the issue he agreed to listen to us, telling us that he is the manager. After the conversation, in a few hours, reasonably for us at that moment, the service was provided to our room as requested, but this shouldn't happen anyway. As well as in the other days before and after, our sunbeds were occupied by other tourists by removing our towels from our sunbeds. I even found my towels and kid's stuff thrown in the bushes. Our umbrella was taken by other tourists several times, and other people were always nervous about this problem. We were all supposed to hide our umbrellas, close the sunbeds and hide the bottom side of the umbrella separately too, if we went to eat or a little longer in the water. This was not at all convenient and/or acceptable. We were on the island at the pool with the slides on both sides. There, the lifeguards were generally rude, but we noticed one of them that affected our stay, because this one (named Radvan), stayed a lot of time on TikTok posting Live Content. This affected us because there were people behind us that did not wait for his sign to go on slide, and a man on the slide kept a very very low distance behind me. Other people in the line made the signs to go, instead of the lifeguard that was busy. He filmed my kid and other kids and posted video content with them on live TikTok encouraging them to wave to his phone's camera. After the slides were closed, around 5PM we tried to speak with him and his colleagues, but they told us they don't know English and they only repeated that is normal to film and that is not our kid as if we were too young to have an 11 years old kid. However after a long communication with them the lifeguard that was the main problem told us his name. After they all came down, in 2 minutes a fight was about to start on the pool with other tourists (perhaps they were also unsatisfied), the lifeguards yelled very loud, and they were about to approach very much to us, while pulling umbrellas and using them as some weapons. It seemed as there were no security measures and we could have been in some kind of a danger. So we went to the Customer Relations Office at the hotel, where, they were not happy to see us and told us that we must go back to the island customer relations office (another long time with my 1 year kid crying), but in the end the maneger and the General Assistant Manager listened to us and agreed to us, and also ensured us that Radvan will no longer be working there starting tomorrow. However, this might also be only a way to make us feel a little more comfortable, but we cannot be sure it also happened. Still, my kid was on his TikTok Channel so, we cannot say that the problem is solved. I must probably address to some authorities too. As for the fight, we provided a video via WhatsApp to the woman that claimed to be Assistant of the General Manager. On 10th of July In the restaurant we sat on a table on the terrace close to the bar, and I was giving food to my 1 year old kid, when a cleaning boy interrupted me rude to move my baby stroller from near the table because it was not enough space for his cleaning rollbox. He had many ways to move it but he decided to make me stop giving food to my kid (which made him cry). He had no badge, I asked him his name, he was 0 in English. I explained him that one of the most important rules in hospitality not to interrupt the customer while eating. After a few minutes he brought a person to our table, that interrupted me again. He claimed to be his supervisor, as he asked me what was the problem. It was only me that spoke in English and he left as he understood the issue, but it didn't helped me in any way. It is one of the most important rules in hospitality not to interrupt the customer while eating, I didn't think this would be possible in a 5 star hotel. We asked for an iron to the reception. Iron is really a must and is available in any type of an accomodation around the world. I found it in any category of a hotel or any type of accomodation. However, the staff told me that this 5 star hotel does not have a simple iron to provide to a tourist. It was the night before we were leaving, and we had an important event the next day. They told us to bring there our clothes for a payed service and we will receive our clothes the next day. Of course that was not possible since our bus left at 5AM. Afterwards they told us that we should have come with 2 days earlier to ask, but we never immagined that the hotel does not have an iron. So we asked for the manager to come. He told us the same thing, dressed business, but with no badge and expressions like "My brother" in a unprofessional way, it was not the kind of manager I was expecting. How can a 5 star hotel miss having an iron? When I asked the manager's name, he interrupted the conversation and suddenly left unpolitely, telling his name in a difficult to understand manner. It was the first time in our life when a manager acts like that. As you can see missing name badges from the staff made us ask for their names, that become diffcult to understand in many situations. In addition to that, after having all these problems on the hotel, we didn't wanted to take this service because we thought that maybe there will be problems again and because of the lack of trust. The simple iron is always free of charge at any hotel we went before. I have asthma, and because of the air conditioning I got a caugh. It's not the hotel's fault of course. We came COVID vaccinated and PCR tested at the hotel, and due to the context, we wanted to treat my asthma chrysis so that the people on the bus or airplane will not misinterpret as I would be ill in any other way. So, late in the night, my husband was to the medical office from the ground level of the hotel having the situation translated in Turkish to be sure that the medical staff will easily and fast understand the situation and give him a nebuliser or at least a cough syrup for me. At first, the person there seemed to know very well English, but after a few sentences it was not really like that. Anyway, he did not have any solution for me, he called the hospital, talked with a woman there a few times and the solutions were hilarious. But first of all, the woman assured my husband that I will pay serious money for any requested treatment. I had extra medical insurance, so it didn't made me feel in any way. However, she told me that no nebuliser can be available for us, only an ambulance if we want for oxygen, and after another talk in Turkish she told me that the nurse man there (so I figured it was not a doctor) will help me find an open pharmacy to try to look for a syrup. When my husband told them what medication I take back home, they spoke again in Turkish, and the answer was to ask the pharmacist which syrop to take. So, he was not able to help me solve the issue that I have, and my husband left the same way I came. Some other negative feedback The water in the pool for the smaller kids, the one with the roof against the sun always had the coldest water, becoming useless for us and for many other small kids too. The lifeguards were not telling to people not to jump in the pool, and it was difficult for us to stay with the small kid in any pool. Generally, the staff is not able to communicate in English, many of them don't have their name badge. Turkish tourists are treated visible way better. We stayed in a so called 5 star hotel in an Ultra All Inclusive service, but the orange juice in the morning was 1 EUR extra to serve, the ice cream and shake costed. Sauna and any kind of massage was charged extra. On the island we chose parasailing on the left side of the island for 60 euros. 90 pictures taken, hard to choose few pictures that weren't blurry and a GoPro video. They asked 50 euros to put our pictures and video on DVD, way too expensive price for the pictures and If you wanted printed they were available only after 2 days (we were leaving the next day). This should not be classified as a 5 star hotel, or if it complies on paper, the customers must not expect services to be as in a 5 star hotel, I don't think that this things should have happened no matter the classification of the accomodation.

Lovely time

Nov 2021 | dix0Northumberland

We stayed at the Ocean Village the last week in October. We had booked for the Village next door but were changed to the Ocean 2 days before we flew. We are a family of 3 with a 14 year old. The hotel is bigger than we would normally book to stay in but we couldn't fault it. It was spotlessly clean and our room was very large and not far from the reception/bar area which was perfect for us meaning our son could go back to the room at night to watch videos on his phone while we enjoyed the all inclusive drinks. The WiFi reception in rooms was fantastic. We ate in the main restaurant only a couple of times, we preferred to eat on the island or in some of the local restaurants just a short walk away. This is not a reflection on the food, it was very tasty and large portions, simply that we like a quiet evening meal. All of the staff couldn't do enough for you, and we found that saying a simple 'please' and 'thank you' meant the world to the staff. Some guests were extremely rude to the staff! There is a very friendly well cared for cat who was in the reception/bar area, he was lovely. We didn't see any cat's anyway around area's that food was being served. Although we wouldn't rebook, as we prefer the smaller more village like places, we certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Ocean.